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High Above Santa Paula with the Oddfellows

I had been looking longingly at the scaffolding on the Oddfellow’s Clock Tower for  what seemed like months.  What was going on up there?  I mentioned to Paul Skeels and Carlos Juarez that I would love to climb up on … Continue reading

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Painted Press Photos and Skiffle in Downtown Fillmore

Saturday night was the opening of a small exhibit of painted press photos from the John Nichols Gallery.  The event occurred at Coffeeboy in Fillmore.   My friend Jeremy arranges the exhibits and I was glad to bring nine framed vintage … Continue reading

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Printing an 8 Foot 4 Inch Long Gigapan Panorama on Canvas

The 8 foot pano, John Nichols and Sespe Red, “Voted Most Intelligent Cat In Santa Paula”. Now that I have learned to operate my Gigapan Robot and taken a couple of panos it was time to see what happens when … Continue reading

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The Vernacular Bestiary

The Vernacular Bestiary As part of my “Collection Within a Collection” I accumulate photographs of animals.  One room of the house has nothing but photographs, paintings, prints and folk art of various animals.  It’s also a library/sitting room/office.      … Continue reading

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How I Found The Vernacular Holy Grail for $5.00

I was reminded about the existence of this small catalog from reading Barbara Levine’s book “Snapshot Chronicles”.  I talked to one Vernacular dealer who actually had one but left it out on his table and it walked away.  I recall he said … Continue reading

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Piece by Piece: How to Collect Art

This year I was elected chair of the Fine Arts Committee of the Museum of Ventura County.  One of my photos is in the current exhibit which shows art the museum has collected since 2000.  31 artists are represented.  The museum … Continue reading

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After 30 Years I Finally Meet Lady Ostapeck

Back in the 70s I was a member of a group of photographers called the New Pictorialist Society.  Our mission was to save all the alternative photographic processes that were being lost.  We explored platinum and palladium, cyanotypes, bromoil transfer, … Continue reading

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