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The 1936 Mexican Snapshot Mystery

I love a mystery.  After I helped with an estate sale a few doors from where I live in Santa Paula I was given a box of old snapshots that were left over.  The daughter told me the snapshots were … Continue reading

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As Above So Below

Today, August 7, 2011 I gave a talk at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Paula.  The title was iPhone Theology.  The real topic was how to use low and high technology to understand ordinary reality and transcend it.   … Continue reading

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2011 Southwest Trip with an iPhone

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Progress on the SP Portrait Project at SPTC

I was asked to photograph the actors in the Backstage at the Santa Paula Theater Center production.  The show was Bugs.  Very dark but I did not know that when I showed up to shoot the cast.  The title Bug … Continue reading

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Printing an 8 Foot 4 Inch Long Gigapan Panorama on Canvas

The 8 foot pano, John Nichols and Sespe Red, “Voted Most Intelligent Cat In Santa Paula”. Now that I have learned to operate my Gigapan Robot and taken a couple of panos it was time to see what happens when … Continue reading

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Adventures in Panoland

   I have been interested in panoramic photography for quite a while.  As with most aspects of photography my interest in panos began with collecting them.  I have hundreds.  Some of the most spectacular photos of the St. Francis Dam … Continue reading

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Committee for the Defense of the Vernacular

While on my recent trip to Cuba I brought gifts for the people I met.  I thought a lot about what gift would be suitable.  Should I give money?  Or soap?  I heard the Cubans always need soap.  I finally … Continue reading

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