About John and the Gallery

The John Nichols Gallery.com is now located above the Santa Paula Art Museum,  117 N. 10th St., in Santa Paula, Calif.  This is the 7th location of the gallery.  It was started in 1984.  It is now by appointment and by chance.  (Call 805-525-7804)  Besides thousands of vintage and vernacular photographs for sale the gallery creates digital reprints of historic photos of Ventura County and makes giclees for artists.  Custom framing and art services are also available.  All work is better, cheaper and takes much longer than other places.

John Nichols is the owner of the John Nichols Gallery in Santa Paula, California. He has been exhibiting and promoting vintage, vernacular and contemporary photography and 
fine art since 1984.  He has curated numerous exhibits for museums and other groups in Ventura County.  He is the director of the Ag Art Alliance which promotes and exhibits art about agriculture.  His book, “St. Francis Dam Disaster” from Arcadia Publishing has been in print since 2002.  He is a regular contributor to Edible Ojai and Ventura County magazine, occasionally as Mr. Nichols – Tracer of Lost Recipes.  He has managed the Garden Stage at the Monterey Jazz Festival for over 25 years.  His own fine art photography has won a few prizes and actually sells occasionally.


6 Responses to About John and the Gallery

  1. Liz McKee says:

    Nice to meet you today and now I’m looking through your very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Warren Dowler says:


    Just found your weblog.

    Saw and Talked with C. Marlowe last Thursday.


  3. wilmot says:

    Love your blog. Bebop forever.

  4. Muriel says:

    Just noted that you found a Neva-Clog. I found one as well just last week. You got a better deal. Anyway decided to check out your website. I figured anyone who liked the Neva-Clog had to have taste. Some stunning photographic images. Check out http://blogahoma.com/2009/08/25/neva-clog/ for my 3D computer rendering of my Neva-Clog.

  5. John Fielder says:

    You continue to make life more interesting.

  6. Laura Jespersen says:

    Thanks for the tour of Limoneira for our plein air paint group on Tuesday. Was a really fun opportunity. Great to meet you; you’re very inspiring. Go Ag Art!

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